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Breakfast anyone?

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

Everyone needs a local haunt that makes them happy every time they go. The place where you can bring anyone, from your loving yet critical Mother to your friend that cant seem to eat anything besides fried chicken. Enter Bru's Wiffle, the cute yet very casual restaurant sits on Washington Blvd in Marina Del Rey, just far enough down from the beach so that its not swarming with tourists daily (their sister restaurant sits in Santa Monica). It's one of the very few places in the

area that opens before 10 am and has a large enough menu to satisfy even the most picky eaters.

The first time I went I ordered the Huevos Rancheros chicken and waffles, out of everything I've eaten here, this would be my least favorite. BUT I could tell that the chicken and waffles were top notch and just didn't need all that extra flavor. I HIGHLY recommend The Dwight's Special which is their regular fried chicken and waffles, why mess with a classic? If you do want some eggs and a waffle, I would go for the Eggs Benedict , which comes on very photogenic mini waffles.

I've tried most of their selections from the Bru's Mex section of the menu and each one has been just as tasty as the last. Everytime I go I can't help but order the Nutella Latte (I get it with

almond milk). It always comes with instagramable latte art and they are generous and will pour regular coffee into your cup after you've finished without an extra cost. I keep coming back because they have never failed to satisfy my stomach as well as the bellies of those around me.

Order every time:

Dwight's Special

Nutella Latte

Honorable mentions:

Eggs Benedict

Beef Chorizo Migas

Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast Hash

Breakfast Mulita

Hash and Benny (usually a special)

Honey Poppers (usually a special)

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