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Deliciousness & A Return to Somewhat Normalcy

I had made a reservation at one of my favorite restaurants Manchego days before a mandate only allowing outdoor seating at restaurants. I was pleasantly surprised that they didn't cancel, being that the restaurant only had indoor seating. Like many restaurants on Main Street, Santa Monica, Manchego used cinderblocks so their guests could dine outside on the street. It was GORGEOUS outside and the street wasn't too busy or loud.

Manchego has one the the best happy hour deals on the west side and the food keeps me coming back for more. As I waited for my friend to join me I got their Red Sangria, a staple on the HH menu. The air feels somewhat cleaner than usual for being on a street in LA and the birds are chirping while cars cruise by. My friend joins me and gets the White Sangria, which is delightfully pineappley. This is our go-to spot, so we already know we're in for a perfect meal. We order our usual, Romaine Salad, Spinach Croquetas, Goat Cheese and Fig Tostado, Mac and Manchego Cheese, and ended the meal with the Churros.

The Romaine Salad is perfectly dressed and chock full of tomatoes for my friend who is the tomato queen, and full of green olives and a zest of manchego on top to my delight. Next, the Spinach Croquetas came, wonderfully creamy on the inside with a thin crunchy exterior

with a scrumptious spicy dip on the side. The Goat Cheese and Fig Tostados are bites of heaven. The perfect combination of sweet and savory. My friend and I discussed how it seems so simple but would be impossible to recreate at home. They are the perfect

bite that keeps me coming back for more. The Mac and Manchego Cheese has the exact right amount of truffle oil to make you feel sinful yet not weigh you down. I day dream about swimming in the bubbling bowl of creaminess and lounging on a orecchiette noodle.

We were sad that the meal was ending but excited to get our crunchy Churros. The Churros come with a cute espresso cup full of chocolate that tastes like a cup of hot chocolate.

Order every time:

Goat Cheese and Fig Tostado

Honorable mentions:

Spinach Croquetas

Mac and Manchego Cheese


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