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Food Ventures: Delicious Minis


A Food Lady heads down to Echo Park to taste tests @delicious_minis .

This pop up located in front of the Rite Aid in Echo Park creates the perfect, drool worthy, buttery, bite sized pancakes. Delicious Minis is run by loved up owners Maria and Steven. These bad boys are made with love. We had to go with Maria’s recommendation to get the fresh fruit with powdered sugar, and letchera ON TOP which was super fresh cand not too sweet. I loved the flavor and texture combination of a warm mini pancake and chilled fruit. I also couldn’t resist curing my sweet tooth by getting some pancakes with Nutella and Oreos too.

Not only do you get snackable pancakes at delicious minis, you also get a personal show as they flip each tasty, funsized, cake. I don’t know about you but I can watch them make pancakes all day long

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