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Holy Guacamole! We've got chips!

The first time you try to go to Holy Guacamole you'll likely walk right past. Nestled in-between a bike rental shop and Ground Work Coffee on Main Street, Santa Monica, it doesn't look like much. You can order through the window on the street, but I prefer to go inside. The tiny restaurant has four tables along the side and counter top seating facing the cooks. The tall ceiling holds a massive painting of Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam, with a burrito between God and Adam- which always gives me a good chuckle. Hot sauce fans will rejoice over the wall decorated with hundreds of bottles of your favorite classic hot sauces.

What ever meal your going for they've got you covered. I've eaten most of the menu, and my favorite thing is the Bean and Cheese Burrito. Whats nice about the burrito is they leave out the rice - which to me doesn't add much for flavor anyway. The black beans and cheese create a beautiful purple swirl that is revealed when you bite in. I've gotten many friends hooked on this bad boy! For years, I ordered the Wet Chicken Burrito which comes smothered in a tasty mole sauce with guacamole and sour cream on the side. I switched to the bean and cheese so don't need to take a nap afterwards. All menu items come with chips and your choice of mild or hot salsa (I always ask for both and they nicely oblige). The mild is everything you want from a salsa minus the spice, and the spicy one is SPICY but without much flavor. I do what some may see as sac-religious and mix the two, but its the perfect combination of flavor and spice. Their tacos are perfect for a late night snack while you go between bars in the area.

Order every time:

Bean and cheese Burrito

Honorable mentions:

Wet Chicken Burrito

Chorizo Breakfast Burrito

Al Pastor tacos

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