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Take Out Tuesday: Cilantro Lime DTLA

Holy Guacamole we got chips! Cilantro Lime HOOKED us up! We ordered the Nachos, Cheese Tacos, Taquitos, Mulitas, and the Flaming Hot Quesadilla . Everything on this menu was made to order and super fresh. They DEFINITELY brought the heat with their cry baby sauce! You have been warned. My favorite item was the Nachos, because I love nachos, The

cheese taco was a game changer, it's keto... right?! Unfortunately they are currently closed to help stop the spread of COVID in LA. During my visit it was beautiful to see their loyal customers coming by excited to share the experience with a friend who hadn’t tried it before. Once they are back in business the best way to support them is to order directly through their website! You know I’ll be back the day they reopen 10/10 $

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