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Take Out Tuesday: Mrs. Fish

LA Food Lady taste tests Mrs. Fish in Downtown Los Angeles. We ordered two cocktails, the Drunk In Love, and the Skinny Margarita, also the Shishito Peppers, Tsukune, and Bento Box Number 4. The highlights of this meal was definitely the drinks and the Bento Box.

With Valentine's Day around the corner, a bento box or two and two cocktails would be the perfect romantic way to celebrate safely and have a fun little picnic. The bento box boasted tons of fresh fish, I always go for salmon and was not disappointed. I actually never had scallop nigiri before and this box made me a fan. The boxes' packaging and design is sure to impress. This definitely is the place for some high quality romance. I know I will definitely be coming back for an in person dining experience. 10/10 $$$

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