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Take Out Tuesday: The Sequestered Chef

LA Food Lady taste tests The Sequestered Chef in the Melrose/Fairfax area of Los Angeles. This hidden (take out only) gem wowed me, Liz and Chef Alex were delightful to work with and their starting story is fascinating.

Ordering is fun with their online service and you feel like you’re on a treasure hunt when you find their secret doorbell! We ordered the Red Lentil, Rice, and Sweet Pea Salad, The Stewed tomatoes with Green Beans and Thyme, Horseradish Mashed Potatoes, Brisket, and last but definitely not least the The 5 Lbs Whole Roasted Chicken. My favorite item was the Red Lentil, Rice, and Sweet Pea Salad I’ve never tasted anything like it and it blew my mind. This is the perfect spot to pick up for a date night at home, it feels like Chef Alex is cooking in your house with the helpful reheating instructions.

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