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Affordable and Shockingly Tasty

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

After months of drooling over the photos of Colapasta's instagram, I finally snuck out with a friend to try the infamous Red Beet Ravoli. The restaurant itself is on a slower street of Santa Monica with out all the craziness of the 3rd Street Promenade. There is no hostess at the door, as soon as you walk in you are treated like family. You can sit anywhere there is room, including the table to the far right when you walk in. We opted for a seat at the bar so we

could watch the master himself Chef Delorenzo create the pasta from scratch.

My friend and I sipped on wine as we ordered the Casunziei (the red beet ravoli) and the Moringa Agnolotti. The Casunziei was in a scrumptious brown butter sauce that coated the raviolis beautifully. The half moon shapes were speckled with poppyseeds that added a small textual crunch and somehow don't get stuck in your teeth! Fontana cheese filled the Agnolotti as it was smothered in a delicious Truffle Butter sauce - so good I almost asked for spoon so I could slurp up the excess sauce. I definitely will be coming back to try the whole menu.

Order every time


Honorable Mentions

Moringa Agnolotti

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