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Won't you be my Neighbor?

I was crushed in 2016 when my favorite brunch place at the time, Willie Jane, closed. No

more mouth watering biscuits and ever refilling mimosa glasses. But that all turned around.

Enter: Neighbor the perfect addition to Abbot Kinney's cut throat food scene. I had my eyes on the place for quite a while before I stepped inside for a meal with a close friend who had a bad work day and needed a stiff cocktail.

He ordered the Low Rider which was deliciously cucumber forward while I got the The Girl Next Door which was perfectly balanced and not crazy sweet.

We then started with the Cauliflower which delightfully roasted and almost tasted like french fries in the best way possible. While cutting into the scrumptious cauliflower my friend elbowed his drink and they graciously brought him another (Thank you Donald!)

For entrees, my friend ordered the Alaskan Cod while I went with the Skuna Bay Salmon. Both were cooked to perfection. The cod was in a light yet flavorful bisque like sauce. My salmon had the most beautiful and tasty crispy skin I could barely believe it as it sat glistening in a buttery sauce. We ate and drank every last drop that we had to pass on dessert. I've got my eyes set on trying the Lamb Saddle the next time I go.

Order every time:


Honorable mentions:

Skuna Bay Salmon

Alaskan Cod

Low Rider

The Girl Next Door

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