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LA Food Lady is the name, eating all over Los Angeles is the GAME.


I started LA Food Lady because I was let down by "Los Angeles Food" instagram accounts showing me food from all over the world. I wanted to see the food that was accessible to me, and figured others felt the same way. 

My promise is full honesty as a food blogger, which is why I have my food ratings. These ratings consider cost versus taste. If you're going to spend over $100 per person it better be in the top 5 meals of your life for the ranking of a 10. If its $15 dollars and you're daydreaming of eating it again the next day it'll likely rank as a 10. I will never recommend a place that I wouldn't go back to.

In every blog post, I'll include the following categories for the menu,"Order every time" and "Honorable Mentions". Order Every Time means you've got to try it the first time you go and you'll likely order it each visit. Honorable Mentions you'll have every other time you go, or you tell your dining partner to order it so you can have a bite. 

Visit my restaurant page to find a place to eat for the location and the occasion you're going out for. Don't forget to tell me if I've missed your favorite haunt.

Thank you for joining me on my food journey, I'm excited to share it with you.

With Love,

XOXO LA Food Lady


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