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Night on the town

Breakfast & Lunch

Caffeine & Sugar Fix


LAFL Tip: Order ahead online

Must order: Bold Ramen

Price point: $$


LAFL Tip: Indulge yourself with extra toppings, soup, and noodles

Must order: Daikoku Ramen

Price point: $$

Sushi Stop

LAFL Tip: Be prepared for a wait and cash!!

Must order: Truffle Salmon Handroll

Price point: $

Siam Chan

LAFL Tip: Food can take a while to come out of the kitchen, but the wait is worth it

Must order: Pad See-Ew

Price point: $

Nickle Mine

LAFL Tip: For a conversation point, take a gander at the bathroom doors

Must order: Beers on Draft

Price point: $

Plan Check

LAFL Tip: You need to try a burger with ketchup leather, its a once in a life time experience

Must order: Chef's Favorite burger

Price point: $$


LAFL Tip: You need to get honey in some from or another, they have bees on site at some locations 

Must order: HoneyMee

Price point: $

Volcano Tea House

LAFL Tip: They accept venmo for payments

Must order: Passionfruit Black Tea half sweet

Price point: $

B Sweet Dessert Bar

LAFL Tip: Order a coffee to help balance out the sweetness of your dessert of choice

Must order: Ube Bread pudding

Price point: $

Coco Fresh

LAFL Tip: Get creative with your customizations, half sweet is an option

Must order: Honey Black Tea with boba 

Price point: $

Did I miss your favorite restaurant?

Let me know what I've been missing

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