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Sherman Oaks



Night on the town

Breakfast & Lunch

Caffeine & Sugar Fix

The Local Peasant

LAFL Tip: Make a reservation for dinner, Grab a seat at the bar for a creative cocktail

Must order: El Diablo 

Price point: $$

also great for Brunch & Dinner

Petit Trois le Valley

LAFL Tip: Make a reservation!

Must order: Le Big Mec 

Price point: $$

Anejo Cantina and Grill

LAFL Tip: Enjoy a seat on their patio but make sure you're not too close to the live djs and bands

Must order: Margaritas

Price point: $$

The One Up

LAFL Tip: Hit the back for a bunch of FREE arcade games

Must order: Drink: DePeache Mode and the crispy cauliflower 

Price point: $$

also great for Brunch & Dinner

Blue Dog Beer Tavern

LAFL Tip: Great place to watch the game with or with out friends. Beware their highest level of spiciness for their wings have made my friends cry

Must order: Whatever is on their Specialty Tap and their BURGERS

Price point: $$

Public School 818

LAFL Tip: Come for a beer stay for a burger and the big game.

Must order: Any burger

Price point: $$

also great for Dinner

The Woodman

LAFL Tip: Grab a table outside - great for a group get together

Must order: Standard drinks

Price point: $$

Blu Jam

LAFL Tip: make a reservation or come early

Must order: Crunchy French Toast

Price point: $$

Crave Cafe

LAFL Tip: Great for someone who want a little bit of everything

Must order: Chorizo burrito 

Price point: $$

Mendocino Farms

LAFL Tip: Order at the counter

Must order: Prosciutto & Chicken sandwich 

Price point: $$

Phillz Coffee

LAFL Tip: Lanes are confusing, look for signs on where to order

Must order: Mint Mojito

Price point: $

Afters Ice Cream

LAFL Tip: Try ALL of the flavors

Must order: PB S'mores

Price point: $

The Dolly Llama

LAFL Tip: Come with a friend to try more flavors

Must order: Sugar N' Spice

Price point: $

Brian's Shaved Ice and Boba

LAFL Tip: Make a boba drink youre own by changing the sweetness level and mixing flavors

Must order: Passion Fruit Black tea half sweet

Price point: $

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