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Korea Town



Night on the town

Breakfast & Lunch

Caffeine & Sugar Fix


LAFL Tip: Go for a combo for a bit of everything

Must order: Beef short ribs

Price point: $$

Hae Jang Chon Korean BBQ Restaurant

LAFL Tip: Be prepared for a wait, It is bottomless so come hungry and pace yourself!

Must order: Galbi

Price point: $$

Also great for brunch

R Bar

LAFL Tip: Check their instagram for the password to get in, they host trivia and karaoke nights

Must order: Standard drinks

Price point: $

Mama Lion

LAFL Tip: Very Instagramable, grab a bottle of Moët out of the vending machine

Must order: East Side Cocktail

Price point: $$

Cafe Brass Monkey

LAFL Tip: The perfect dive for low key karaoke 

Must order: Standard drinks

Price point: $

Egg Tuck

LAFL Tip: Review coming soon

Must order: Review coming soon

Price point: $


LAFL Tip: You need to get honey in some from or another, they have bees on site at some locations 

Must order: HoneyMee

Price point: $


LAFL Tip: Go with a group, you'll want to share

Must order: Strawberry Ice Flake

Price point: $

Did I miss your favorite restaurant?

Let me know what I've been missing

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