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Woodland Hills



Night on the town

Breakfast & Lunch

Caffeine & Sugar Fix

Xoc Tequila Grill

LAFL Tip: Entertain yourself with the table-side guacamole

Must order: Taco Tasting

Price point: $$

Crazy Tokyo Sushi

LAFL Tip: Bring a crew and share a little bit of everything

Must order: Spicy Rain Tuna Roll 

Price point: $$

Exotic Thai Cafe

LAFL Tip: Small Restaurant, big taste

Must order: Tom Kha Soup Large

Price point: $$

The Local Peasant

LAFL Tip: Make a reservation for dinner, Grab a seat at the bar for a creative cocktail

Must order: El Diablo 

Price point: $$

also great for Brunch & Dinner

Urban Plates

LAFL Tip: Order at the counter

Must order: Tomato Soup

Price point: $$

Yozen Frogurt

LAFL Tip: Kardashians love this place for all the toppings

Must order: Original Tart

Price point: $

Afters Ice Cream

LAFL Tip: Take your ice cream to the fire pits in The Village

Must order: PB S'mores

Price point: $

Did I miss your favorite restaurant?

Let me know what I've been missing

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