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Santa Monica

Near The Pier & Promenade



Night on the town

Breakfast & Lunch

Caffeine & Sugar Fix

Tar & Roses

LAFL Tip: Go with friends so you can try a bit of everything, no bad choice on the menu.

Must order: Balsamic Glazed Ribs

Price point: $$$$


LAFL Tip: Order fries when you order your drink, ask it to be served as a first course or else it'll come with your burger.

Must order: The Morning After Burger

Price point: $$

The Misfit

LAFL Tip: Perfect for drinks and dinner. The bar gets crowded so get a table and an appetizer.

Must order: Mezcal Yellow Jacket

Price point: $$


LAFL Tip: Go for happy hour. I repeat GO FOR HAPPY HOUR.

Must order: Oysters ($1HH)

Price point: Normal $$$$ HH $$

Umami Burger

LAFL Tip: Go with friends or a casual date. 

Must order: The Beefy

Price point: $$

LAFL Tip: You don't have to bowl to drink or eat. BUT go with a group so you can play a competitive game. 

Must order: Moscow Mule

Price point: $$


LAFL Tip: Try a seasonal beer, Their taps are always changing

Must order: Roast Your Own S’mores 

Price point: $$

Barney's Beanery

LAFL Tip: THIS PLACE GETS CROWDED, come early. That perfect British pub feel.

Must order: Churchill's Dark & Stormy

Price point: $$

Ye Olde King's Head

Greens Up

LAFL Tip: Create your own!

Must order: Roasted Garlic Dressing (on the side)

Price point: $$


LAFL Tip: most of the tables are low to the ground- make sure you request a normal table if you need one! Also great for dinner.

Must order: Whipped Eggplant

Price point: $$

Bay Cities

LAFL Tip: Order online to avoid the lines

Must order: The GodMother

Price point: $

Bru's Wiffle

LAFL Tip: Anything with fried chicken here is delicious.

Must order: Dwight's Special and  a Nutella almond milk Latte

Price point: $$

Blue Daisy

LAFL Tip: Carbo load your face here.

Must order: Blueberry Pancakes

Price point: $$

Phillz Coffee

LAFL Tip: Lanes are confusing, look for signs on where to order

Must order: Mint Mojito

Price point: $

The Boba Café

LAFL Tip: Don't like things too sweet? Order half sweet.

Must order: Passionfruit Black Tea with boba

Price point: $

Sidecar Doughnuts

LAFL Tip: Order a dozen, you'll want more than just one

Must order: Greatest Hits Box

Price point: $$

Main Street 



Night on the town

Breakfast & Lunch




LAFL Tip: Check in on yelp for a free glass of Cava

Must order: Goat cheese and fig Tostado

Price point: $$

Ashland Hill

LAFL Tip: Perfect place to bring your pooch. They have "Yappy Hour"

Must order: Giant Preztel

Price point: $$


Enterprise Fish Co.

LAFL Tip: Go for Dollar Oyster Wednesday or Happy Hour

Must order: Bloody Mary

Price point: $$

Jinya Ramen

LAFL Tip: Eat outside by the fire

Must order: Spicy Creamy Vegan Ramen

Price point: $$

Tsukiji Sushi Sen

LAFL Tip: Sit at the sushi bar 

Must order: Bento Box

Price point: $$

Rick's Tavern

LAFL Tip: Perfect place to watch the big game 

Must order: Beer on draft and Tavern Wings

Price point: $

Library Alehouse

LAFL Tip: Walk though the bar and onto the patio

Must order: Hell Burger and a beer on daft

Price point: $$

Basement Tavern

LAFL Tip: Come early to avoid lines. Stay late to enjoy the outside

Must order: Standard drinks

Price point: $$

The Galley

LAFL Tip: Be prepared to see LOTS of lights

Must order:  standard cocktails

Price point: $$

Jameson’s Pub


Be prepared to be in a very crowded bar

Must order: 

standard cocktails

Price point: $$

Holy Guacamole

LAFL Tip: Order at the counter and sit outside. Get both salsas!

Must order: Bean and Cheese 

burrito for the perfect cheese pull

Price point: $

Sam's Bagels

LAFL Tip: Get your bagel toasted

Must order: 

Bagel Sandwich

Price point: $

Sunny Blue

LAFL Tip: They prefer cash.

Must order: Miso Mushroom and Ebi Mayo omusubi

Price point: $


LAFL Tip: Portions are BIG

Must order:  Salmon poke with your favorite mix-ins

Price point: $$

Groundwork Coffee

LAFL Tip: Look at the menu ahead of time, location is small and the menu is up high

Must order:  Iced horchata latte

Price point: $

Urth Caffé

LAFL Tip: Avoid peak lunch time. You have to order at the counter here

Must order: Early Grey boba tea

Price point: $$

Espresso Cielo

LAFL Tip: Secret charging ports on the high counter by the window

Must order: Matcha coconut milk latte

Price point: $

Inland & Montana



Night on the town

Breakfast & Lunch



Rustic Canyon

LAFL Tip: Romantic atmosphere, can get very loud though

Must order:  Ricotta dumplings (menu changes very often, but you cant make the wrong choice)

Price point: $$$


LAFL Tip: GET A COCKTAIL, you won't regret it

Must order:  Belcampo Burger 

Price point: $$

Sushi Hanashi

LAFL Tip: Tables are close together, so if you've got a personal story to tell, save it for later!

Must order:  X- Girl Friend Roll

Price point: $$

The Arsenal

LAFL Tip: Dancing to the right when you walk in, usually the left is a private party

Must order:  Gin & Tonic

Price point: $

Cock and Bull British Pub

LAFL Tip: Claim a dart board and send a friend to grab you drinks

Must order:  Gin & Tonic

Price point: $

Busby's West

LAFL Tip: If you've been out of college for more than two years this is NOT the place for you

Must order:  Beer

Price point: $

Lazy Daisy

LAFL Tip: Grab a cozy spot outside 

Must order: French Toast

Price point: $$


LAFL Tip: They have an array of sugars and flavorings you can add after you've picked up the coffee from the bar

Must order:  Iced almond-milk  Latte

Price point: $

Did I miss your favorite restaurant?

Let me know what I've been missing

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